Pilgrim Bandits has a network of coordinators nationally. In some areas we have more than one and in others we are looking for fund raising volunteers. Our coordinators will help you with advice on fund raising and give you information on how to plan a fund raising event. Please get in touch and we will put you in direct contact with your local Pilgrim Bandit.

Pilgrim Bandits Overseas

Canada – Mr Dave Sweeney e-mail :admin.canada@pilgrimbandits.org

Canada BC – Mr Craig McCulloch e-mail :craig.mcculloch@pilgrimbandits.org

UK Area Coordinators

Devon – Mr Chris Bourne email: Devon@pilgrimbandits.org

Dorset – Mrs Aileen Edwards e-mail: Dorset@pilgrimbandits.org

Shropshire – Mr James Taylor Hodge e-mail: jamestaylorhodge@pilgrimbandits.org

Worcestershire – Ms Lucinda Caddick e-mail: lucinda.caddick@pilgrimbandits.org

West Midlands – Mr Terry Arnett e-mail: terry.arnett@pilgrimbandits.org

West Yorkshire – Ms Roberta Winterton e-mail: roberta.winterton@pilgrimbandits.org

South Yorkshire – Mr Raymond Greaves e-mail: raymond.greaves@pilgrimbandits.org

Lincolnshire – Mr  David Haynes  email:david.haynes@pilgrimbandits.org

Kent – Mr Rob Wortham email:rob.wortham@pilgrimbandits.org

Kent – Mr John Ball email:rob.wortham@pilgrimbandits.org

Surrey  – Mr Mick Smith email: mick.smith@pilgrimbandits.org

Lincolnshire – Mr Andrew Musson email:Lincolnshire@pilgrimbandits.org

Lincolnshire – Ms Michaela Bonomini email:Lincolnshire@pilgrimbandits.org

Sheffield – Mr Lee Green email:Lee.Green@pilgrimbandits.org

Portsmouth – Mr Brent Vine email:Brenton.vine@pilgrimbandits.org

Wiltshire – Mr Chris Spendiff email wiltshire@pilgrimbandits.org

Herefordshire – Ms Amber Garrington email amber@pilgrimbandits.org

Northern Wales – Mr Kristian Simpson email Kristian@pilgrimbandits.org

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