70 year-Old Rosie Swale Pope MBE Adventurer, to Run London – Brighton with Broken Wrist Pulling Jog-Pod for Pilgrim Bandits Charity

Rosie Swale-Pope, MBE who is 70 years of age  and is an adventurer and marathon runner successfully completed a five-year around-the-world run, raising £250,000 for a charity that supports orphaned children in Russia and  the Prostate Cancer Charity, as well as local causes along the way.  Rosie is now running from London to Brighton starting 25th August 2017 pulling her jog-pod (Slick Chick) with a broken wrist and is using the outing as a training run for her next expedition in 2018.

Rosie’s achievements include sailing single-handed across the Atlantic in a small boat, and trekking 3,000 miles (4,800 km) alone through Chile on horseback.  This remarkable woman came across the New Milton, Hampshire based special forces charity just a few weeks ago.  Pilgrim Bandits Charity sends severely injured and amputee servicemen and women on gruelling expeditions to restore confidence and self-belief.  Rosie said “Ben Parkinson is one of my biggest heroes of all time – I can’t wait to meet him, but just hearing about the exploits of this extraordinary courageous, modest young man was enough to inspire me.  Ben Parkinson MBE, who is Patron and Ambassador for Pilgrim Bandits is for me the living spirit of the charity’s mantra – ‘Always a Little Further’.  I felt that the broken wrist, although just a small injury, gave me a chance to understand the above better –  and try to take a little step further myself to support Ben and his family and all the fabulous Pilgrim Bandits and those who help them.  I am in training for running from London to Berlin in early 2018, and felt if I could run 65 miles with the wrist still in plaster it would be a great way to raise awareness for this specialist military charity.”

Andre Edwards, of Pilgrim Bandits Charity “Rosie is a remarkable woman, we are absolutely delighted she offered us this chance to raise our profile. It’s all happened so quickly, she only contacted us last week – pulling Slip Chick with a broken wrist is certainly ‘A little further..’ – thank you.”

To donate to Rosie’s run please visit https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/mypage/rosie-swale-pope