Barbed Wire Tours Fundraiser.


We’d like to give a great big shout out to Peter Whapshott and Barbed Wire Tours Ltd who, in association with Dartford Council, donated over £5500 to the charity. The generosity of everyone that participated to make the donation possible is hugely appreciated

  1. Dartford Council paid for all the Veterans that came to support us.( Jeremy Kite council Leader and David Mote Mayor of Dartford)
  2. Mark Smith (Antiques Road show and partner in BarbedwireTours Ltd. He did a talk on the Victoria Cross and bought along a real VC for people to hold.
  3. Michael Chan owner of the venue ( Twin Noodle Bar) who charged us nothing for hosting and then gave us a large donation. He also helped in getting the support of Gurkas.

4.All Music at the event was supplied by Midlfe Crisis ( Gary Taylor ) and Sean Holland free of charge

Other companies that donated to the cause.
1 Easy Load skip Hire
2 DC direct Office Supplies
3 Baronsicabling Ltd
4 AP Building Services
5 Marks and Spencer


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