The Challenge

Working with the New Zealand military, We will stage aa adapted tandem bike race in late 2018.

The challenge ranges from the southern tip of New Zealand Motupohue Scenic Reserve in Bluff (the bottom of New Zealand’s south island) to Cape Reinga (ultimate northern New Zealand) a distance of 1,521, miles or 2,500 km.

The race will cover around 100 miles a day and take 21 days including 2 days rest and 1 spare day for unexpected / unplanned events.

Those racing will be injured servicemen from 3 countries: The UK, Canada and New Zealand.

The injured personnel will be on the front of specially adapted tandem hand-cycles and will be supported by able bodied/injured race team members on the rear of the tandems. The injured participants range from a quadruple amputee to a single leg amputee. Each team will consist of 5 (4 injured and 1 able bodied/injured).

Entry Agreement for Injured Service Personnel can be found here : Entry Agreement Operation R.I.D.E 2018 24-1-18


Members of the Public are invited to join the Expedition:

Three options are available to the public

a) Cycle the South Island 6 x individual places available

b) Cycle the North Island 6 x individual places available

c) Cycle the full Route 6 x individual places available

For further information download the information pack  Civilian Participants Operation R.I.D.E 2018 13.10.38


Promotional Pack is available on the following link: Operation RIDE promo